Wireless Handheld The paper-free way to take food and drinks orders.

Elipos Wireless handheld devices/tablets are to be used injunction with the Elipos software. The advantages of using handhelds is that you can easily manage tables and take orders on the go, than keep returning back to the bar or kitchen. This allows your staff to spend more time concentrating on providing your customers with a good service.

How the process works

Using wireless access within your restaurant/takeaway you can quickly fill out the customer's order on the go on your tablet device, which will then be sent to the Elipos software. This allows your bar and kitchen staff to know that an order has been processed, which will speed up the presentation and delivery service of the food to the customers.

When customers have finished their meal and want to pay for it, the wireless handheld device allows your customers to simply pay for their meal by inserting their card into the top of the device, then entering in their pin using the touch screen. This is a much quicker way for your customers to pay, which will allow your staff to pay more attention making sure other customers are receiving a great service/meal experience.

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