Win Slate Tablet Bundle


Our Win Slate Tablet Bundle is designed to enable retailers the opportunity to take orders on the go, which is great for small restaurants as your staff will easily be able to manage tables and take orders at a faster pace.


£799 +VAT


- 1x Freedom Touch Screen Tablet
- 1x Software Licence
- Free Menu Entry & Delivery
- One Year Manufacturers Warranty
- Ultra-Compact POS
- Easy To Carry
- Fast Customer Order
- Full POS Peripherals Connectivity


- Screen Size : 7 inch capacitive multi - touch screen
- Hard Drive : 32GB SSD
- Port : COM port:2 pcs USB port:6 pcs 1 Gig Lan
- Memory: 2 GB DDR 3 RAM
- Processor (CPU) : Intel Celeron N2806 Dual Core CPU @ 1.46Ghz
- Dimensions : 192 x 127 x 12
- Operating System: Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems (64-bit) including Pro, Pro Embedded, POSReady and Embedded Standardy