Supplementary Add Ons


Our POS Software is designed for fast food outlets, which provides an easy to use interface design and touch screen ready availability, designed to be both fast and user friendly. The software is used for taking, eat in, delivery and collection orders.
The easy to use software makes taking an order quick and fun.

Online Order

We will design and create you an online ordering restaurant/takeaway website that is unique to your business. This will allow your customers to easily view your menu and to order online. Having your website up and running can help to promote new customers, which will be able to find your restaurant/takeaway through popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
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Caller ID

Integrating Caller ID with your POS system enables you to know your customer's details when they call, such as name, number and address. It will make your customers feel more loyal, as you are addressing them via there name, which allows you to keep the bond closer between you and your customers. As your customer's information is stored in a secure database, meaning that when the customer calls, it will immediately bring up the customers details, which will reduce repetition with your staff not asking for their address every time they call. This will save you time which can be used in receiving other calls and orders.

Thermal Printer

Thermal printers can be purchased alongside and work injunction with the touch screen terminals, whenever an order is processed it will allow you the option to print a receipt. In your restaurant/takeaway environment, they usual consist of two printers, one for the front/bar and the other within the kitchen.

Cash Drawer

A cash drawer is an essential component in any POS system, we supply cash drawers which are reliable and provide high quality performance features at very competitive prices. If you decide to you can link your cash drawer with your POS terminal, meaning that you can control the cash drawer (such as opening/closing), through the POS Terminal Software.

Box of Till Rolls

We provide a box of till rolls which are paper rolls for use in cash drawers and Thermal printers. These are mainly used to print off orders, so the bar or kitchen staff has a record of the customer's order. This allows the customer to have the option of receiving an print-out receipt of their order purchase to keep as a record as well.