EPOS Solutions The World is changing ... Technolghy is everything!

Our Elipos EPOS solution consists of an touch screen terminal, which uses a display screen that provides touch-sensitive technology. So instead of using peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard, you can simple use your finger to navigate through the different choices displayed on the screen.

Touch Screen EPOS systems have proved to be cost effective equipment, which has benefited other business by allowing staff to quickly and easily complete customer's orders by selecting different categories and products by simply clicking them on the screen.

Thermal printers can be purchased alongside and work injunction with the touch screen terminals, whenever an order is processed it will allow you the option to print a receipt. In your restaurant/takeaway environment, they usual consist of two printers, one for the front/bar and the other within the kitchen.

With our help we will set up the terminals and connect the printers up for you, so when an order is printed, it will print a receipt in the front and in the kitchen. This reduces the time it takes for staff to travel from the front of the restaurant to the kitchen every time an order goes through. So your staff can keep busy making sure your customers are satisfied with their service.