Online Ordering Allow your customers to view or order from your menu online.

We will design and create you an online ordering restaurant/takeaway website that is unique to your business. This will allow your customers to easily view your menu and to order online. Having your website up and running can help to promote new customers, which will be able to find your restaurant/takeaway through popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Our Elipos online ordering system allows restaurants and takeaways to expand their popularity and sales, by giving your customers the option to order food from of your website. The process works by when an order is placed online, that order will be sent and printed straight to your Elipos system that you have located on site. On screen it will display the product order information, as of the delivery and payment details, and then all you and your staff will need to do is process the order and get it ready for collection or delivery.

Online Ordering has proven to benefit many businesses by helping their productivity & sales rise is value. Moving your business online has become crucial and is the way most restaurants/ takeaways are approaching to help get their name out there and get the edge over their competition.

How it works, is that we will set up your business a restaurant/takeaway website, which will allow your customers to simply view and order from your menu online. Ordering Online provides your customers with a fast process of placing their order, with a simple click on the screen.

We also offer multiple payment methods, so your customers can pay by cash or card when they arrive for collection or receive their delivery. However we also provide the option to add onto your online website, the choice customers can pay for their orders online through card payment, which will be processed and sent directly to your business credit card account.