Loyalty & Marketing Give something back to your customers.

Elipos Systems offer your customers a loyalty system, which allows them to simply earn points every time they order from your restaurant. These points that customers can earn, can be used towards getting certain discounts and promotional offers for next time they visit your restaurant. Using a loyalty system will help your restaurant raise its popularity and get customers returning to try out different meals.

You will have the choice to set promotional offers by set days, for example if a customer has a loyalty card they will be able to get "£10 or 10% of their food" offers on a certain day of the week. .

Using Elipos Loyalty System will also give you the option to collect customer's information, such as address and email, which you can then use to send out voucher/ discount codes which can be printed off and used within the store. This way you giving the customers something back for signing up to your loyalty system, as at the same time marketing your restaurant and trying to get your customers to keep returning to you.