Kitchen Management Speed up your ordering & delivery service.

We provide many different accessories which can be used within your kitchen, to manage all your orders which are flowing through and to speed up your delivery service.

Firstly we offer thermal printers which can be set up next to your EPOS system and another in the kitchen, this allows both the front and the kitchen environments to receive the order, which is a faster and more reliable way than travelling from the front of the restaurant to your kitchen every time an order comes through.

We also provide a more clearly and simple to use touch screen system which can be used within the kitchen to display multiple orders at once, which speeds up your service delivery time. The touch screen system helps you to avoid coming across any errors, such as orders not being processed and delivered.

Using the Elipos EPOS touch screen systems, these will reduce the option of renewing accessories for your thermal printers, such as printer rolls and cartridges, which can cut down cost and time for installing them.