Key Features Included within our Elipos Systems.

  • Feature 1

    Easy Product Management

  • Feature 2

    Simple & Fast Screen Layouts

  • Feature 3

    Table Management & Table Plan

  • Feature 1

    Fully Integrated User Login System

  • Feature 2

    Full Funtional Kitchen Monitor

  • Feature 3

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Reports

All Features

Simple & Fast Screen Layouts

Multiple Payment Methods

Table Management & Table Plan

User Security Protection

Fully Integrated Customer
CRM System

Staff Time Keeping & Scheduling

Full Audit Trails

Real Time Promotions/ Offers

Restaurants Set Menus

Table Audit Entries (Time Items
Sent, Or Kitchen Messages Sent)

Integrated Messaging System

Compulsory Cash Declaration

Integrated Customer Loyalty Solution

Easy Bill Splitting

Daily, Weekly, Monthly,
Yearly Reports

Cost Of Sales Report

Aggregated Time Period Reports

Loyalty Analysis

Customer Spend Records

Sales Mix By Category,
Department, Time

Stock Usage

Wastage Reporting

Weekly financial statements

Popularity reports

Caller ID Recognition for fast processing of takeaway calls

Historic X/Z reads

Full audit trail by staff/key function

Transaction logs

Automatic Meal Deal Recognition