Entry Level Terminal Bundle


Our Entry Level Terminal Bundle provides everything you need to transform your recent system into a fully operational EPOS system. The All in one 15'' touch screen POS can benefit your business by allowing staff to quickly and easily complete customer's orders.


£1295 +VAT


- 1x Entry Touch Screen Terminal
- 1x Thermal Printer
- 1x Cash Drawer
- 1x Software Licence
- Free Menu Entry & Delivery
- One Year Manufacturers Warranty


- Screen Size : 15'' touch Touch screen:5wire resistance
- Hard Drive : SSD 32G
- Port : COM port:2 pcs USB port:6 pcs 1 Gig Lan
- Memory: RAM DDR3 4GB
- Processor (CPU) : Chipset, Clockspeed 1.8G, Dual Core
- Operating System: POS 7 Ready